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Customized Business Services GmbH

Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse 18a · 47877 Willich, Germany

HRB 14264 District Court Krefeld

CEOs: Christian Olaf Meurer, Frederic Hierl

VAT identification number: DE 184 593 594


Tel: ++49 2154 470940

Data privacy officer:

Data privacy officer of Customized Business Services GmbH

Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Straße 18a · 47877 Willich, Germany

Email: datenschutz[at]

General Terms and Conditions:


1. Agreement

2. CBS Website

3. Information about Cookies

4. Use

5. Exemption from Liability

6. Data Privacy

7. Trademark

8. Applicable Laws

1. Agreement

Customized Business Services GmbH (CBS) is making this website (referred to below as “CBS Website”) and its services available to you based on the following Terms of Use. By using any page of this CBS website, you declare yourself in agreement with these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use can be changed in the future by CBS through publication of an updated version, without you being informed beforehand. We suggest looking at the Terms of Use before every visit to check for any possible updates.

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2. CBS Website

You can obtain information about specific CBS products and services here at this CBS Website, as well as requesting additional information materials from CBS.


The entire content of (texts, images, graphics, animations) are under copyright and other laws governing intellectual property. Its content may not be used for private or commercial purposes, copied or changed. Exemptions from this basic rule are specifically marked by a “Download” reference, and are stored with the appropriate functions with drivers or brochure downloads.

All brands and trademarks used on this website are the property of their copyright holders, and may not be copied or otherwise used without their consent.

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3. Information about Cookies

To be able to use all of the content and personalized functions at, your computer, tablet PC or mobile phone must accept Cookies (which is usually these devices’ standard setting). We can only offer personalized functions with the help of Cookies.

For further information see:

Info about Cookies from CBS

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4. Use

4.1 General Terms and Conditions for all pages of the CBS website

The CBS Website and services are available to you at no cost, and may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. The only kinds of support offered to you here are exclusively for information purposes only. CBS reserves the right to make changes to the CBS website, to not answer inquiries, or to offer no support in conjunction with the CBS website.

We ask you to refrain from sending CBS confidential or proprietary information on the CBS website. Because CBS is subject to the provisions of data privacy laws, we must point out here that information and documents of all kinds that are sent using the CBS Website will not be regarded as confidential. By sending any information or documents to CBS, you grant CBS full and unrestricted right to use, duplicate, publish, implement, modify, transmit and distribute said information and documents. Furthermore, you declare your consent that CBS may use any idea, concept, know-how or technique that you send via the CBS Website for any purpose it sees fit. You also pledge herewith not to use the CBS Website for documents that have as content any of the following points, or have content that can be interpreted as having these points:

(i) Documents with defamatory, libelous, obscene, insulting, disparaging, racist, discriminatory or profane content;

(ii) Documents that infringe upon the responsibilities associated with handling confidential or private matters, or with the safeguarding of a trade secret;

(iii) Documents that represent a violation of the property rights of third parties, or those for which you do not own all required licenses and/or permits;

(iv) Documents whose content violates any other laws or legal stipulations.

Furthermore, you hereby agree not to use the CBS Website for transmitting documents that constitute a criminal offense, or urge, prompt or inspire to commit a criminal offence, or give rise to civil liability, otherwise break current laws or that infringe upon the legal rights of third parties.

CBS reserves the right to remove from the CBS Website all documents that, in their view, violate the conditions in Section 3 above, or to remove them because of other circumstances that make them inappropriate. Regardless of this, you hereby acknowledge that CBS has no influence on the content that other users have placed on the CBS Website, and that CBS does not intend to check third party content on the CBS Website for accuracy and appropriateness, or if it corresponds to the fundamental principles of these Terms of Use.

You are not allowed to link the CBS Website to other websites containing offensive or otherwise objectionable content. You are responsible for removing such links when requested to do so by CBS.

You hereby consent to provide compensation to CBS, and companies affiliated with CBS, for any claims, demands, loses or damages incurred as a result of you violating the provisions as described in Section 3.1 above.

4.2 Free Printing

From time to time, CBS can offer you services that include the best-possible free printing (referred to below as “free printing”) at the CBS website. You hereby confirm that an offer of free printing shall be limited to a per-person and per-printer basis, for which a registration exists.

CBS reserves the right to change the number of free printing offers at any time. You hereby confirm that what you submit to be printed free-of-charge meets the stipulations as described in Section 3.1 above. CBS, at their own discretion, reserves the right not to offer you free printing.

The delivery dates given for free printing are approximate dates.

You acknowledge herewith that sending materials, which have been printed free of charge, can be subject to some restrictions.

4.3 Internet Links

What Customized Business Services GmbH offers on its internet website contains links of interest to websites of other vendors. If you click on these links, you leave the internet website of Customized Business Services GmbH, which no longer has influence on the design or content of third-party websites. We therefore disassociate ourselves from all third-party content, even if a link to this external website was placed at the CBS website by CBS itself. This stipulation applies to all links at our homepage, and to all the content of the pages that the registered banners and links lead to.

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5. Exemption from Liability

5.1 You aware of, and hereby confirm, that when you use the CBS Website you do so at your own risk, that CBS cannot guarantee the CBS Website will meet your demands, nor that the CBS Website will always be up and running, always error-free and secure.

5.2 CBS, its affiliate companies and all CBS suppliers mentioned at the CBS Website (regardless of whether they took part in creating, designing, maintaining or offering the CBS website); along with CBS managers, employees, owners or representatives or their above-mentioned supplier companies – will assume no liability for losses or damages or follow-up costs, regardless of type or size, that you or a third party might incur. This includes, without exception, all direct or indirect losses, damages or follow-up costs; or losses in income, profits, forfeit of good will, data or contracts, because of damages or losses directly because, or associated with, business interruptions. No liability is assumed for losses or damages caused by unauthorized conduct, or for a contract or other anything in connection to this CBS website, or in connection to the use, the impossibility of using, or the results of using, this CBS website, all websites linked to this CBS website, and their content. This includes, but is not limited to, losses or damages due to a virus attack on your computer equipment, software, data or other possessions of yours that might be caused by accessing, using or browsing-through this CBS Website, or by downloading content of this CBS Website, or other websites that are linked to this CBS website.

This does not apply, in cases where liability is legally mandated, to things covered by Product Liability Laws – in cases of malice, gross negligence, harm to life and limb, or health or the violation of essential contractual obligations. Claims for compensation for violations of essential contractual obligations, however, are limited to damages that would typically arise or damages that could be anticipated, from contract implementation as long as there is no liability for proven malice aforethought or gross negligence, nor injury to life and limb or health. These stipulations do not constitute any change to the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the contracting party.

5.3 CBS will give no explanation or confirmation, expressed or implied, regarding the content or services available at the CBS Website itself, or at those linked with the CBS website. CBS, at its own discretion, reserves the right to change or withdraw the offered content and services at the CBS Website at any time.

5.4 All assurances, warranties, guarantees, or other explanations relating to any offer or intended offer, of services made via the CBS Website that were not delivered or were delivered late – or relating to the accuracy, completeness or topicality of said services – is hereby excluded by CBS.

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6. Data Privacy

Please read the Data Privacy statement for all CBS data privacy information.

Open Data Privacy page

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7. Trademark

Displaying or using the brands or logos of CBS, or the CBS company, in any form is strictly forbidden without previous written consent from CBS. All brands and trademarks used at the website are sole property of their copyright holders, and may not be copied or otherwise used without their consent.

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8. Applicable Laws

These Terms of Use fall under German law. In cases of disputes associated with these Terms of Use, sole location of jurisdiction is Krefeld, Germany.

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Tel: ++49 (0)2154 47094 0

Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Straße 18a

47877 Willich